Auto Folder Gluer(QHZ-780)

Full-auto Folder Gluer (QHZ-780)

It adopts the adjusted  mechanism of  fluctuated  tooth-like  lever, also it can be  separated to micro-operate. Single panel operation is  simple and fast-speed.
2. At paper outgoing, there are many straps driving oscillated motor, which can ensure  constant and accurate paper feeding.
3. Two outer devices of  left and  right side of upper paste rolleris  suitable for the use of  bottom sticking and side sticking.
4. Two outer devices of left and right side of bottom paste rollerare suitable forthe use of special-shape  box.
5. It is equipped with travel strap and small clasp knife for youralternative.
6. It  adopts  frequency- conversion  electric motor ,  PLC control  system  andoriginal units  and components imported from Japan.
7. Traveling wheels of belts are machined in digitally-controlled way to avoid vibration under high speed and extend service life.
8. Spindle and connecting shaft are made of hard chromium rods to avoid cladding peel-off and assure durable appearance and stability.
9. Main drive adopts imported belt and frequency conversion motor to make sure the equipment works stably and accurately at high speed.

Paper-feeding Part:
single-panel operational mechanism is fast-speed and simple; non-pole adjustment can be done during the paper-feeding interval.

Return Folding Part:
the machine adopts the design of two-plate type strap, which can pre-fold the first broken line 180 and the third broken line 135 and then extend them.

Base Sticking Part:
sketching bottom stably and accurately, operate quickly and simply, produce 60-350 boxes per minute.

Bottom Paste-roller Part:
left and right device ensures a stable paste volume, large capacity, easy maintenance; it isequipped with a cutting-proof blade device.

Primary Folding Part:
fold the second broken line 180 and the fourth broken line 180.

Pressing part:
it applies continuous box-accumulating form, adopts electrophotometer to set fixed data in advance, control panel sets the data and then automatically marks the paper box .

Conveying Part:
even pressing and order transmission, which can ensure perfect quality

Model Functions Carton width (mm) Max. speed (m/min) Total power (kw) Machine Size (m) Total weight (kg)
QHZ-780 4 Lines side sticking and bottom sticking Max.780 200 9.4 10.5x1.85 6100