Calender Machine (HSY-120)

HSY-120 is an All-in-one Machine that combines the paper process of coating and calendering.

Due to the increasing labor costs in China, we specifically develop a machine that connects a varnishing machine with a calendering machine; moreover, we automate it into a high speed one which can be operated by just one man. With an automatic steel-belt-connector avoiding function, its maximum speed reach up to 80m/min! Compared with the traditional ones, its speed has been increased for about 50m/min. It helps printing & packaging companies to better improve their production & working efficiency. 


I. Operation way

After printing paper sheets are coated with varnish in the varnishing part, they will be dried by the IR lights and cooling fans. And then sheets will be delivered to the calendering part to be hot pressed, cool down and took down from the calendering roller automatically. After the whole procedures, finished goods will have a high surface brightness, like mirror reflection.


II. Configuration

Automatic paper sheet feeding part + varnish coating part + dryer (15 pcs IR lights + 28 pcs cooling fans ) + automatic connecting plate (and a manual paper stacker) + calendering part + drying tunnel in the calendering part + automatic paper stacker


III. Details

1. Automatic paper sheet feeding part

The feeding part’s height is raised to 1.2 meter, which prolongs 1/4 period of paper changeover. Paper pile can be 1.2 meters high. So that paper sheets can be easily delivered to the coating part right after they come from the printing machine. Besides, our high-end feeder can deliver paper rapidly and precisely.

2. Varnish coating part

By going through between the steel roller and rubber roller, paper sheets will be coated with a layer of varnish.

a. The wallboard of the coating part is heightened and thickened to be more matured and steady.

b. We replace the chain transmission structure with synchronous belts structure for a more stable operation state. It reduces noise, too.

c. Paper sheets are conveyed by Teflon mesh belts instead of the traditional rubber belts which help to raise the speed of the whole machine.

d. The overturn of scraper is adjusted by worm gear instead of screw which is easier in the cleaning of scraper.

3. Dryer

The electric heating dryer is composed of 15 pieces of IR lights and 28 pieces of cooling fans. Its temperature can be controlled between 60-120. It’s up to the actual working situation. Paper sheets will be dried by the dryer and cooling fans.

a. By the conveying of high speed running Teflon mesh belt, paper sheets can be delivered more stably without movement.

b. In the dryer above the fans, there are air guiding boards that can lead the air to dry the paper effectively.

4. Automatic connecting plate

a. We use wide belt to convey paper sheets and it suitable for different sizes of sheets.

b. Under the belt there are air suction device which ensures the stable conveying of the sheets.

5. Calendering part

Paper sheets will be calendered by a hot steel belt and go through the pressing between the belt and the rubber roller. As the varnish is sticky, it will keep paper sheets kind of slightly stick on the running belt without fall off in the middle; after cooling paper sheets will be easily took down from the belt. After calendered, paper will shine bright like a diamond.

We thicken the machine wallboard, and enlarge the steel roller, so during the high speed operation increase the heating between steel roller and steel belt. The oil cylinder of the rubber roller uses hydraulic motor in the calendering (other suppliers uses manual pump). Motor is equipped with an encoder so the steel belt can automatically correct its own deviation (other suppliers don’t have this function).

6. Drying tunnel in the calendering part

Drying tunnel is widen and largen along with the enlarging of roller. The door open method is more humanized and is easy for viewing or adjustment.

7. Automatic paper stacker

It solves the problem that manual calendering machine cannot be equipped with automatic paper stacker and realize the full page paper stacking work.

In order to match up with the high speed running of calendering machine, we prolong the gap bridge board for convenient and fast paper stacking.



Max. paper size (mm)


Min. paper size (mm)


Max. working speed (m/min)

25-80 (depend on the drying speed of varnishing oil)

Min. paper weight (g/)


Max. paper weight (g/)


Machine size (mm)