Full-auto UV Coater (QUV-120)

 Full-auto UV Coater (QUV-120)

1. The main drive, glue-limiting roll and conveyor belt shall be controlled independently by 3 inverted motors.
2. Paper is to be conveyed by a reticular conveyor belt using imported Teflon as the basic material, which is ultraviolet resistant,durable,solid and will not scratch paper.
3. An  electric  eye  detects the  Teflon  conveyor  belt, which can be reset  and  realigned automatically.
4. Twelve 1.5 KW infrared quartz tubes make up an oven drying unit . In addition to UV oil polishing , it can also be used  for the polishing  of oily  materials (solvents) ,  aque ous materials (emulsified  type) , alcoholic materials (alcohols) and plastic absorbing oils . (If a polishing rubber roll is used, the roll’s  life will be prolonged.)
5. Three 1.5 KW  leveling lamps make up a UV  oil  spreading  device  to  break  down the ultra - high viscosity of UV oil, effectively  eliminate surface glue  lines and make  paper more smooth and glossy.
6. Three 9.6KW UV mercury lamps make up a fully composite UV boxcuring Device, which can prevent the leak of UV rays, improve the UV cure rate and the surface curing effect. 
7. The sizing  roll applies glue in a reversed manner  and  controlled  independently  by an inverted motor. A steel roll controls the amount of glue applied.
8. A  circulatory  gluing  device for the  double - glue box  is  provided  to feed  glue when polishing oil or UV oil is applied; an automatic temperature control and heating device is provided for the UV oil glue box; the insulation layer is preferably heated with bean oil.
9. Rise or fall of the UV oven is controlled by a pneumatic device.When the external power is cut or the conveyor belt stopped , the UV oven will rise automatically to prevent  the high temperature in the UV cure box  from burning paper.
10.There is  a strong suction device composed of an exhaust fan and an air box below the UV cure box for ozone extraction and heat  radiation . It can also make paper pass flatly and smoothly without curling.
11.The digital display can examine  single-batch (shift) outputs automatically and precisely.

●Automatic paper feed and collection, integrated production.

Model  Max. Paper Size(mm)   Min. Paper Size(mm)  Max. Glazing Width(mm)  Min. Paper Thickness(g/m)  Conveying Speed(m/min)

Max. Coating Speed


Glazing Thickness

QUV-Ⅲ-120 1200x1000 340x406 1200 180 25-75 60 0.03mm(2.5g-3.6g/m)
 (Depend on the paper’s quality)
Model  UV Lamp Powe (kw)    IR Lamp Powe (kw) KF Lamp Power (kw) Motor Power (kw)  

Total Power

  Total Weight (kg)  Machine size (L×W×H)(mm)
28.8 (9.6x3)

18 (1.5x12) 4.5 (1.5x3) 18.2 69.5 7200 19000x2200x1480