Inkjet Printer(QPM)

1. Paper feeder adopts a delicate feeder to convey the paper, which is suitable for different dimensions of paper.  It also has a special non-stop
    paper-feeding device, which ensures continuous production.
2. For corrective location section, it adopts an accurate location device, which can correct the deviation in location during feeding process. Accurate
    tolerance of location is±0.3mm.
3. Code-jet-printing platform adopts vacuum conveyance, which features in good stability and high precision of jet printing location. According to
    the requirements of the customers, the length of jet printing platform can be adjusted suitably with humanity setting, which can be applicable
    to their actual spots and other requirements.
4. For jet nozzle, it uses HP industrial-level jet nozzle, and its professional controlled software can continuously print variable numbers, barcodes
    and graphs,  its code jet speed can reach 150 m/min.
5. For IR drying section, its IR efficient infrared drying can efficiently provide dryness for jet printing in different kinds of ink.
6. For waste-removal section, its pneumatic reprinting-type waste-removal device is very convenient for customer to install the function of rejected
     products testing and waste
7. Paper Collecting machine can set the times for paper rewinding according to paper's weight. It adopts pneumatic paper-trimming structure,
     which ensures the order of paper rewinding. It is also equipped with counter for glazed paper and paper pre-collecting platform.

1. The whole PLC touch screen control can improve the humanity operation to machine.
2. according to the requirements of users, jet nozzle can be increased to improve the productivity.

Model Machine size
(LxWxH) (mm)
Max. paper
Min. paper size (mm) Mechanical
Paper thickness (gsm) IR Light
QPM-110 15000x2100x1600 3500  890x1080 350x450  50 200-600 9x2 26
QPM-120 15000x2200x1600 4000  890x1168 350x450  50 200-600 9x2 26