Pre-coating Laminator(QYF)

Full-auto Pre-coating Film Laminator (QYF-110 / 120)

Human-machine Interface:

The 7.5' color touch screen allows direct entry of the size, overlapping distance and speed of the paper to be processed, thereby achieving the automation of the
complete machine.

Automatic Paper Feed:
The exclusive continuous paper feeding function improves working efficiency.

Paper Powder Remover:
Power removal with brush and double electrostatic seat by means of vacuum adsorption and stable paper feed.

Pressure Rollers:
The temperature of the pressure oil heating roller is controlled with a separate thermostat, which is modified to the specific requirements for glue-free film and
pre-gluing film.

Film Unwinding:
Electronic tension controller: The unwinding shaft is of air expanding type, whichis quick and easy to adjust and remove.

Drying Tunnel:
The appropriate design and build-in aluminum guide roller structure is fast in drying and energy-efficient.

Paper Slitting System:
An additional thin-paper anti-crimping unit is used in combination with a disc cutter in paper cutting.

Electric Control System:
An imported original PLC and a frequency-converting motor are used for control, which stable, energy-efficient, safe and reliable.

Model Max.
paper size
paper size
Paper thickness
Laminating speed
Working pressure (mpa) Laminating Temperature (℃) Total 
 QYF-110  1100x860 420x350 100-450 10-50 15-18 50-140 30  5500  10400x2200x2850 
QYF-120  1200x860 420x350 100-450 10-50  15-18  50-140 30 6000  10400x2330x2850