Semi-auto Folder Gluer (HB)

Paper Feed Section:
1.Quick and convenient   single-plate  operating  mechanism,  with steplessly  adjustable  feed interval.
2.Independent feed adjustment with multiple durable belts,realizing smooth, precise feed.

Edge grinding section:
1.Driven separately by a high-speed motor.
2.High-hardness,long-life grinding wheel,tunable grinding pressure.
3.A blower fan is used to absorb and discharge paper scraps, creating a favor able production environment.

Coating section:
1.Separately tunable pressure in the cementing section.
2.Stainless steel glue supply drum,  resisting corrosion by different glues.
3.Available with different coating wheels to meet different production needs.

Glue spraying section:
1.Full-automatic imported spray head,  featuring long life and ease of  maintenance.
2.Optimized control design, ensuring precise spraying even at high speeds.

Electric section:
1.Imported reducing motor, Fuji buttons.
2.Electric eye counting for shift output examination.

Pressing section:
1.The  press  plate’s angle  is  freely  adjustable to  make different carton effects.
2.Adjustable pressure, long-life handle valve, easy to operate.

Model Carton Max. width(mm) Carton Min. width(mm) Total power (KW) Machine size (L×W)(mm)
HB-145 1450x1300 300x200 5.42 9300x4500
HB-160 1600x1450 300x200 6.12 10300x5000